What We Do

Bedrock creates new revenue sources for our clients. We monetize data through Content and Marketing Services, Product Development and Data Development. Our projects have built a strong data legacy, cementing product and application layers that extend beyond typical display ad revenue models.

Content Marketing

CMO Insights

CMO Insights delivers tomorrow’s top headlines, analysis and insights so your executives can make better business decisions today. Working seamlessly across mobile and Web, our professionally curated content has the ability taps into the wisdom and insights shared by influencers and top industry experts.


Businesses use our content strategy to power their email newsletters, reach new audiences and further engage and build existing brands. The method allows you to diversify your overall revenue stream. Making use of crowd-sourced content that is specific to your needs, our editorial team provides your customers actionable content that helps you profit.



Harness the power of lead sourcing with NewsEyeQ – a news-driven prospecting tool towering over traditional CRMs. Identify the companies and people in the news who can make your business more profitable by triggering our actionable Big Data sales triggers.


Data Strategy

Our collaboration process allows you to rapidly and cost effectively test new markets and expand into new vertices.

Data Augmentation

Bedrock continuously enhances our data feeds creating continuous cycle of product and customer knowledge.

Data Acquisition

We view data as a partnership opportunity. You have the ability to utilize our data, your data or outsourced data to build full views of customers and target audiences.

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