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Core Values

The user guides us, and we listen

We start with the end user and work backward. The customer’s idea is always right. It is incumbent on us to deliver a quality product that answers to our integrity, highest ethical standards and aligns with our mission to capture data so that we can provide a richer user experience and customized product.

Think strategically

Our focus is on strategic ways to better understand business needs and offer solutions. We do this by having open dialogue and asking our teams and business partners to think and put plans in place that meet the needs of those we serve — customers who make use of data to get more business done.


We value innovation that enables business. By providing products and services that meet the needs of today’s diverse industries, we deliver data-based products and news that move commerce forward. We use our expertise, integrity, quality, our care with data and content philosophy to guide us and those we have relationships with. As we examine competitors, give our product users priority and keep their best interest in mind. This approach allows new ideas to surface so that we better help business professionals and the economy grow.


By treating one another with respect and communicating openly, we foster collaboration and maintain individual accountability. By encouraging the best ideas to surface from anywhere in the organization and from our business partners, we create an environment that appreciates and values of diverse perspectives and expertise.


Tim Bradbury Co-Founder

Tim has been at the forefront of digital publishing for 27 years. As President of New Media for American City Business Journals, Inc. (ACBJ), Tim defined and led ACBJ’s digital strategy, operations and corporate development activities, amassing a customer-base of more than 10M B2B/SMB professionals. Additionally, Tim incubated numerous intrapreneurship ventures under the ACBJ umbrella. Tim has held various leadership roles with Thomson Corporation (Gale/IAC) and the Oklahoma Publishing Company (DataTimes). Tim and his family live in Charlotte NC.


John Brandt

John has been applying emerging technologies to drive business opportunities with an emphasis on moving companies and products from innovation through early adoption to majority markets for the past 20 years. With expertise in ERP, Internet banking, e-commerce, business intelligence, search analytics and customer acquisition, John has launched a software startup where he transformed a boutique management-consulting firm into a leading global practice. As an advisor to early stage companies, John actively participates in emerging/converging trends in online marketing, search analytics, and big data architectures. John lives in Charlotte, NC, with his family.

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Dan Koch

Dan has worked in software and technology for 18 years, including 13 years in the publishing industry. His expertise includes software engineering and management, data analytics, and highly scalable system architectures. Dan has held key technology roles at Sporting News and Empowered Benefits as well as founding several small startup businesses. He began his career as the first employee of American City Business Journals’ digital division. Dan lives in Charlotte, NC with his family. He graduated from Villanova University.

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Strategic Partners

Bridgetree / Strategic Partner

Colin Crawford / Advisor

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